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So I’ve been checking out the dating sites lately. So far a date didn’t come out of it – but a blog post did! Guys, these tips are mostly for you (well, because these are the profiles I’ve been checking out) but ladies – most of these tips apply to you as well.
Tip #1 – LET ME SEE YOUR FACE!!! You took the time and created a profile, wrote about yourself and what you are looking for in a woman, then you posted pictures of yourself – wearing a baseball cap. Or sunglasses. Or – my favorite – both! How can I see what you look like? You know what the Muslim women wear, that black headscarf? It’s called a burqa. You may as well wear one of those over your head.
Tip #2 – WHICH ONE IS YOU? Don’t post a photo of you with another guy. I mean, I guess it can be entertaining to set up a date and see which of the two guys in the photo shows up, but most women just won’t take the chance of finding out you are the guy in the photo she did NOT like.
Tip #3 – PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! Seriously, leave something for the imagination. Those half naked selfies in the bathroom are just an absolute no no. Where is your mother? I would like a word with her.
Tip #4 – OH THAT LITTLE DOT IS YOU? This is not a “Where’s Waldo?” game. I mean, the landscape surrounding you is beautiful, but I think I’m just going to skip the date, and go take a nature stroll.
Tip #5 – AVOID SELFIES – guys, don’t know why, but most of you look scared in your selfies. That kind of freaks me out, should I be scared too? On that note, ladies – enough with the selfies too. If you insist on shooting a selfie then at least – for the love of God – don’t do the duck lips face.
Tip #6 – OH YOUR WIFE IS SO PRETTY! Don’t post a photo of you with a woman on your profile. What am I suppose to think? Why would you want to go out with me, you already have your arm over another women’s shoulder.
Tips #7 – ARE YOU HUGH HEFNER? And definitely, definitely don’t post a photo of you with MANY women around you. Other guys think a player is cool. Women? We don’t.
So, which photo you should post, you ask?

Just a natural environment shot of you (that someone else took) having fun, looking relaxed, and in your zone. And if you don’t have such photos hire the services of a professional photographer. It’s worth it. Because it will be the reason that me – or another woman – would say to herself “hey, I want to meet this guy!”

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*The people in these photographs are not related to a dating web site. These are some street photography I shot for a magazine. However, these are real people I met on the street and photographed them just as they were. I am showing these here as examples of good natural pictures that would work great for a dating site. 


photo by Rinat Halon, All Rights Reserved


photo by Rinat Halon, All Rights Reserved


photo by Rinat Halon, All Rights Reserved