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The PIB (Personalized Image Bank) service is dedicated for the needs of small and medium sized companies, who do not have a large advertising budget, and tend to use stock photos for their online presence. But the stock photos just don’t work.

Take Ford Insurance Agency for example. Small companies all have a story of how they got started – Mark’s father started the Ford Insurance  Agency many years ago, and Mark stepped into his shoes after his father’s passing.


Small companies always have a reason why they do what they do. Yes, to earn a living. But most of the time it is about so much more than money.

It’s about caring, and a personal connection. At Ford Insurance Agency some employees have been there for many, many years.  Karen, for example, has been there for 25 years!


Brook, her daughter is a 3nd generation employee at the agency. And she keeps a picture on her desk taken of her mother, herself and grandmother Pat who worked with Mark’s father at the agency many years ago.


These employees feel that the clients who they have known for two or even three generations are like an extended family.

Can a stock photo tell the story I just told you? No it cannot. That is why stock photos don’t work. They lack the personal touch.  That emotional connection that creates a call to action for a potential client who goes online looking for a service, and sees the photo of the actual person they will meet when they walk into the Fold Insurance Agency. That photo creates an emotional connection for the potential client, who now feels comfortable to pick up the phone and call Brook, Karen, Mark, or any of the other Ford employees. The PIB creates a much higher probability one will become a client, as in the small business world we all want to do business with people we feel comfortable with – people we know. And now, thanks to the PIB photos- these strangers become people you know.

I like to photograph people in their working space, where the client will walk into to meet them. This is where the other part of my college degree comes into place: The Visual Merchandising part. I walk into a space – an office in this case, and decide where I want to take the photo. Then – I reorganize the work space for the photo. It’s a running joke with my clients that after I’m done shooting they keep their work space as I organized it for the photo – they love it so much.

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Many work spaces are very small, and cluttered. Often I see the horror in my client’s eyes as they cannot imagine how I can get a good photo in that space. That is where the combination of my 17 years of education, knowledge and experience in professional photography comes together to create the perfect shot. Following the PIB protocol I invented, I am able to end up with a great, fresh, approachable photo – in this case for the Ford Insurance Agency Website’s “About” section.

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