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Photography ideas and information you need to give you results you desire.

When small business owners contact me for photos most of the time they don’t fully understand how I can help them get greater brand exposure using call to action photographs that are royalty free.  

Its only when we start the Marketing Mastery System ™ process that they come to realize the sheer power of a great, relevant, original photograph, and how it can capture the attention of a target audience like nothing else can.

Beth, a Winter Park health coach, called me because she needed a new head shot – which is usually why a small business owner contacts me. During our phone consultation, as I was creating a Photo Marketing Strategy for Beth’s Blue Print 4 Health, Beth realized the value of the system beyond just getting a head shot, and she was all in.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” said the wizard in one of my all time favorite movies “The wizard of Oz”.  Beth, in this case aka the wizard, is “behind the curtain” since she meets new clients virtually, not in person. I wanted to show a potential client what the person on the other side of the laptop/phone is like. Who is Beth, and why would they want to work with her.


A research in sociology shows that people are more comfortable in a place they visited before – hence why there are McDonald’s in Europe and Americans who travel thousands of miles to visit different cultures and are still happy to see the golden arches and eat the known, feels-like-home burger.

Since Beth’s clients don’t get to come to her home office, and since Beth practices what she preaches – a healthy lifestyle that is – I created snapshots of Beth’s health-inspiring life. Here are some of the photographs: 





Now Beth has a Personalized Image Bank ™ , which she owns the rights to these photos fully, and can use them on her web site and social media to connect with her target audience on a personal level. After all, don’t we all want to know who we trust with our health?

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