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Just as with any new client, the first thing I did with Ben was listen to him. I listened as he told me about what he does for a living, how much he loves it, and that he needed branded photographs for his online presence. 

How do you do that? He asked me.

With the Marketing Mastery System (TM) I help small business’s just like Ben’s translate their message visually and take it to market in a way that connects to their target audience. Ben and I went through the Marketing Mastery System process and came up with a photo marketing strategy for him. Since we were confined to a specific location and time restraints, I used what we had around to build the scene


Ben works in coffee shops quite often so we transferred the hotel lobby into a coffee shop scene

Ben’s tag line is “I help you build a successful home business through social media” meant to me that he works on the go, and that’s what I wanted to show in Ben’s Photo Marketing Strategy – the motion he creates in his client’s life – through technology


I wanted to show the motion Ben creates in his client’s life, bringing the sense of movement through these still photos

Ben wanted a couple of headshots, but I turned him on lifestyle portraits instead. Using the hotel’s environment we got some great “headshots” – with the added value of color and interest



What I really wanted to show is how Ben comes to life in front of the camera and brings excitement and value when he goes live on FB. Using the traffic lights behind him and some technical adjustments I captured his great presence as he was speaking to his audience on FB live




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