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November 18, 2016 in personalized image bank

Hilary left the corporate world and started her own on-line business because she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters. That is also her business mission – to inspire and guide other moms to start a home based business so they can enjoy raising their children. 


In Hilary’s Photo Marketing Strategy I wanted to show how her daughters are part of Hilary’s business culture. How they are right there next to her when she sits to work on her laptop at her desk at home.

I thought about how whenever I walk into an office in the corporate world, there is always a photo of a child on the desk, and that thought turned into the concept for this “virtual mom” Photo Marketing Strategy phtoshoot. When I presented the concept to Hilary she loved it, and we went to work.

Wanting to show her daughter’s in “picture frames” on Hilary’s work desk, I asked to connect with Hilary, who lives in Trinadet, via Skype. We did, and as the girls came and set next to their mom – I photographed my tablet screen’s Skype conversation.



When I met Hilary at a hotel here in Orlando where this busy mom was staying for a conference, she brought what I asked her to bring – some of her girl’s favorite toys and a bottle. I organized the toys around Hilary’s makeshift work desk in the hotel lobby, and strategically placed her tablet and phone between them, knowing I will later superimpose the girl’s snapshots from the Skype conversation into them, creating a “digital frame” in Hilary’s “office”.



In today’s virtual world, we do not have a set workplace any longer. We all work from anywhere. This fact, intertwined with this Photo Marketing Strategy concept depicts Hilary’s home based business mission statement perfectly and brings her message to market clearly.




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