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When the Elite Marketing Pro group contacted me for a Photo Marketing Strategy I knew I was going to have a blast with this one – because they are such a great group of entrepreneur professionals who love pushing the envelope on a daily basis. For that same reason, I wanted to come up with a very cool concept for their group shot. But honestly, I had no idea what to do. And then, well, what can I say – it came to me in my dream. Seriously, I woke up, set up in bed, and said: “String phone!” And right there their group shot was created in my mind. This fun “tongue in cheek” concept was my interpretation of how they bring their message home providing international educational and mentoring programs that reach small business owners internationally. Needless to say – I was relieved when I presented the concept – and they loved it!
For the string phone shots I asked them to create string phones out of cups and strings. And then I posed the group, assigning a specific “task” to each person – and then asked them to let go and have fun. And oh did they ever. We got so many great shots, here is one of my favorites:

Photo by: Rinat Halon, All Rights Reserved


 When I scouted the photo shoot location the day prior to the shoot I saw this awesome oversized lamp on the street, and knew that would make another great string phone shot. This time I had the group line up, and we got this great picture:


 When we were done with the string phone, I asked the group to bring their working tools – laptops, tablets and smartphones, and took them to another location I scouted for this fun group shot:



And no photo shoot is complete without getting kicked out of a location. Well, that sculpture in front of the Orlando electric company was screaming to me “group shot here!!”
So we took the risk, and got some great shots before we were asked politely to leave the premises.  And we politely left.



Before we were done I asked them where else they wanted to have their group photo taken. The hotel’s pool table was a unanimous choice, and at this point the group was having so much fun with this photo shoot, I didn’t need to give hardly any directions. So I set back, laughed, and clicked away



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