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Location: Paradise Cove

They were so afraid it was going to rain on this outdoor wedding. But it ended up being a beautiful day, weather perfect. When I walked to my car at 10pm to load my equipment and drive home – the sky opened up and it poured rain for hours on end. Yes, they say rain is a blessing on a wedding day. Amanda and Manny got both perfect weather and the blessing of the rain.

Everyone was having such a good time. The guys dressed up like pirates and happily posed for me with their swords and eye patches.  The girls looked purple lovely. The bride would not look at her father as he walked her down the aisle since she knew they would both start to cry.ACMP-298

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The laid back, naturally beautiful Paradise Cove was enhanced by the signs and other small touches Amanda & Manny brought, like the cute “Sandy tows & salty kisses” sign set at the entrance to the ceremony location.

ACMP-1126 ACMP-1113

The first dance turned into a dance performance to the delight and surprise of the audience. Something Amanda & Manny have been working on for months, practicing their moves – it was perfect!!


Amanda’s twin brothers gave a speech that will not be forgotten by the guests anytime soon…only to be topped off by their father’s speech! I had to walk around, outside the reception location and capture the bride’s reaction to what they were saying, it was too funny.

ACMP-1646 ACMP-1624 ACMP-1612

And then it just turned into a beach party, with some crazy great dance moves courtesy of the groomsmen, and overall laughter & joy.


What I take from this wedding day is how sincerely elated Manny and Amanda were to get married. I wish them a life full of the same sincere joy.

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