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You know these jokes that start with “how many men does it take to…”? This was all I could think about when Ron Ben-Zeev, the CEO of World Housing Solution was showing me around the warehouse. “Come here” he said as he was holding up a wall panel, “hold this”.


Ron Ben-Zeev, World Housing Solution CEO


I did, and was so surprised to feel the wall panel was so light. “That’s one of our advantages” said Ron, eyes sparkling with pride of his product, “these are so light any size soldier can carry and build these temporary housing units in any conditions”.

When I am hired to create a Photo Marketing Strategy for a company, first thing I do is listen and watch. I always say small businesses may not have big ROI in the first few years – but they all have a story to tell. A story of why they do what they do. And my first order of business is extracting that story from them and turning it into effective photographs that will engage their target audience.

When Ron told me the one thing that shocks his clients is how big the housing unit can be built, I wanted to use forced perspective to represent that. This is when I started playing with dolls – literally. Using toy military army men I created a scene in front of the biggest unit Ron had assembled in the warehouse to capture the story in one shot.



Another perspective to show how big the unit is presented itself from the top (after hanging on a side of a 63 story tower in a window cleaner’s basket to capture some good shots a few years back, climbing up to get this shot seemed like a fun ride)

We also wanted to show how the smaller units can be used for living quarters or as a war room



Back at the warehouse, as I was holding the wall panel up feeling how light it was, I was thinking about the scene from the movie Superman, when little superman was holding up the truck in front of shocked parents.

From the movie Sperman, your Superman holding the truck up

And right there and then I realized what was going to be THE shot for World Housing Solution’s Photo Marketing Strategy. I was even happier when we ended up with a little girl (girl power!) . The warehouse turned very quite when I walked our little model wearing her red cape under one of the wall panels (held up by her father on one side and Ron on the other side – removed in photoshop) and asked her to push her hand up and “hold the panel”. And we got THE shot – The one that tells World Housing Solution’s story in one shot.

Funny enough, I was the only real ex-soldier in the room (Israeli military). Ron’s temporary housing units have a warm spot on my heart since one of my long lasting memories I carry with me from my military days is of one night when I was in boot camp.  We woke up in the middle of the night to find out a fierce storm took the tent away literally from over our heads.  I don’t remember how many girls we were in that tent, but if you can imagine a group of young women chasing a tent in a pitch dark night as they are getting soaking wet – you can imagine what that felt like. And to top it off, once we got the tent back in place, climbing back into our now soaking wet sleeping bags was no picnic either. I can tell you for a fact – we would have been thrilled if we had the option to build one of Ron’s Temporary Housing Solutions!


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