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When I start working with a new Photo Coaching client, as we sit down to talk about their photography business dreams and goals, they are always surprised to find themselves crying.

Last week when a new Photo Coaching client came in and we were sitting in my meeting room to chat, he could not hold back his tears. First thing he did was to apologize, and try to hide the tears. “What are you apologizing for?” I asked. He looked at me, confused.

In this day and age, and in our society, crying is considered s sign of weakness.  It is considered shameful to cry, especially in front of other people.

I believe tears are the healers of the soul.  The reason I believe that is because every single one of your body’s functions has a purpose. So how could it be that tears do not?

When we touch our deeply buried and neglected wants and dreams, they come up to our conciseness. And they hurt, because we are not allowing them to be, we are not allowing ourselves to be what and whom we want to be.

Tears are the first step in changing that. In allowing ourselves to be the person we truly want to be. First we cry to heal our soul. Then we are ready to face our fears doubts and worries that stop us from being the person we want to be. Then we make room to grow into being that person.

I named it fondly “growing pains”. And yes, fully grown adults have them too.

I handed my client a box of tissues and asked him to allow himself to cry. When the relief after the tears came he relaxed and spoke clearly about his vision for his photography business. Now, we can make a step by step plan on how to make this successful & profitable photography business vision of his – into a reality. Every day I am thankful for my photography career, but photo coaching is by far one of the most humbling experiences it offers me. I am grateful for it.



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It was a lovely intimate affair at the Magic Village  on Thanksgiving morning. Chloee and Ricky were married poolside surrounded by an intimate crowd of family and friends. The reception was beautifully organized inside the pool house, and the front entrance provided a great backdrop for this fun loving couple. Happy Ever After Chloee & Ricky!














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Wedding Planner: Jessica Narduli Aloha Of America 



Year round, photography is my profession. I am always thankful for that fact, and that this is how I have been making a living for the past 17 years.
But this time of year is when I reflect on what a miracle this is. Considering the fact that I never wanted to be a photographer. The only reason I took photography in college in the first place was because no other “real” classes were available my first semester in OSU. Who would have guessed that I would fall in love with this craft? That I would be lucky enough to capture life joys for clients in a way that would make them smile from the heart every time they look at these photos? That I would be able to reflect to people through my camera lens how beautiful they truly are, the beauty they just don’t see in themselves. Who would have guessed that I would have a box of tissues ready in my meeting room because every single one of my clients would shed happy tears looking through their wedding album for the first time?
Not me. I would have never guessed. And what I learned so far is that if I have to choose between money and love – I would choose love every single time. Because money can’t manifest love, but love sure can manifest money, and so much more. I am living proof of that, serving clients whom I love, and they love me. Clients who come back year after year allowing me to document for them their life’s milestones. From calming down a nervous young man before he pops the question, as I am there to capture that moment, to the joy of capturing engagement photos, to looking into the eyes of a stressed bride right before she walks down the aisle, holding her hand, and reminding her that her best friend is waiting for her at the end of this walk. And seeing a smile of relief on her face as she realizes I am right.
To sharing the joy of my client’s getting pregnant, and capturing all the wonderful memories of their baby’s first year. To fun holiday family portraits as their family expands.
To creating a photo marketing strategy for clients as they decide to take the plunge and start their small business. To sharing the joy of photography by teaching my clients how to take better pictures as we go on a group photo tour.
To chasing my client’s beloved pets around the studio to capture their pet portrait, to be invited to photograph wedding anniversaries. And birthdays. And high school senior pictures.
And this is just a partial list.

This time of year I feel that I am the luckiest woman in the world. Not having a family of my own at this point in my life, not being able to show off pictures of my children – I am SO proud to show off pictures of YOUR children that I photogrpahed!
I am grateful that I’m invited to witness, be part of, and capture all these incredible life moments you live. Thank you for trusting me with capturing your precious moments.
Becuase, to me – being your photographer, is nothing but a small miracle.
Happy Everything!
With love,

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1999, Ohio State University, me in the photography Department women’s bathrooms, first selfi ever!

When the Elite Marketing Pro group contacted me for a Photo Marketing Strategy I knew I was going to have a blast with this one – because they are such a great group of entrepreneur professionals who love pushing the envelope on a daily basis. For that same reason, I wanted to come up with a very cool concept for their group shot. But honestly, I had no idea what to do. And then, well, what can I say – it came to me in my dream. Seriously, I woke up, set up in bed, and said: “String phone!” And right there their group shot was created in my mind. This fun “tongue in cheek” concept was my interpretation of how they bring their message home providing international educational and mentoring programs that reach small business owners internationally. Needless to say – I was relieved when I presented the concept – and they loved it!
For the string phone shots I asked them to create string phones out of cups and strings. And then I posed the group, assigning a specific “task” to each person – and then asked them to let go and have fun. And oh did they ever. We got so many great shots, here is one of my favorites:

Photo by: Rinat Halon, All Rights Reserved


 When I scouted the photo shoot location the day prior to the shoot I saw this awesome oversized lamp on the street, and knew that would make another great string phone shot. This time I had the group line up, and we got this great picture:


 When we were done with the string phone, I asked the group to bring their working tools – laptops, tablets and smartphones, and took them to another location I scouted for this fun group shot:



And no photo shoot is complete without getting kicked out of a location. Well, that sculpture in front of the Orlando electric company was screaming to me “group shot here!!”
So we took the risk, and got some great shots before we were asked politely to leave the premises.  And we politely left.



Before we were done I asked them where else they wanted to have their group photo taken. The hotel’s pool table was a unanimous choice, and at this point the group was having so much fun with this photo shoot, I didn’t need to give hardly any directions. So I set back, laughed, and clicked away



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November 18, 2016 in personalized image bank

Hilary left the corporate world and started her own on-line business because she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters. That is also her business mission – to inspire and guide other moms to start a home based business so they can enjoy raising their children. 


In Hilary’s Photo Marketing Strategy I wanted to show how her daughters are part of Hilary’s business culture. How they are right there next to her when she sits to work on her laptop at her desk at home.

I thought about how whenever I walk into an office in the corporate world, there is always a photo of a child on the desk, and that thought turned into the concept for this “virtual mom” Photo Marketing Strategy phtoshoot. When I presented the concept to Hilary she loved it, and we went to work.

Wanting to show her daughter’s in “picture frames” on Hilary’s work desk, I asked to connect with Hilary, who lives in Trinadet, via Skype. We did, and as the girls came and set next to their mom – I photographed my tablet screen’s Skype conversation.



When I met Hilary at a hotel here in Orlando where this busy mom was staying for a conference, she brought what I asked her to bring – some of her girl’s favorite toys and a bottle. I organized the toys around Hilary’s makeshift work desk in the hotel lobby, and strategically placed her tablet and phone between them, knowing I will later superimpose the girl’s snapshots from the Skype conversation into them, creating a “digital frame” in Hilary’s “office”.



In today’s virtual world, we do not have a set workplace any longer. We all work from anywhere. This fact, intertwined with this Photo Marketing Strategy concept depicts Hilary’s home based business mission statement perfectly and brings her message to market clearly.




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Just as with any new client, the first thing I did with Ben was listen to him. I listened as he told me about what he does for a living, how much he loves it, and that he needed branded photographs for his online presence. 

How do you do that? He asked me.

With the Marketing Mastery System (TM) I help small business’s just like Ben’s translate their message visually and take it to market in a way that connects to their target audience. Ben and I went through the Marketing Mastery System process and came up with a photo marketing strategy for him. Since we were confined to a specific location and time restraints, I used what we had around to build the scene


Ben works in coffee shops quite often so we transferred the hotel lobby into a coffee shop scene

Ben’s tag line is “I help you build a successful home business through social media” meant to me that he works on the go, and that’s what I wanted to show in Ben’s Photo Marketing Strategy – the motion he creates in his client’s life – through technology


I wanted to show the motion Ben creates in his client’s life, bringing the sense of movement through these still photos

Ben wanted a couple of headshots, but I turned him on lifestyle portraits instead. Using the hotel’s environment we got some great “headshots” – with the added value of color and interest



What I really wanted to show is how Ben comes to life in front of the camera and brings excitement and value when he goes live on FB. Using the traffic lights behind him and some technical adjustments I captured his great presence as he was speaking to his audience on FB live




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Photo by: Rinat Halon, All Rights Reserved

You’d think I’ve seen it all in the 17 years I’ve been photographing weddings. This moment in Heather & Mike’s wedding proved me wrong. So what do you do when the groom is going under the wedding dress looking for the garter and ends up doing this as the wedding guests jaw’s drop and you hear the MC yelling into the microphone: “Just the garter! Just the garter!” I’ll tell you what you do – YOU CLICK AWAY and pray you captured the best wedding moment EVER that just happened right in front of you.

That’s what you do.

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Photo by: Rinat Halon, All Rights Reserved


Photo by: Rinat Halon, All Rights Reserved


Photo by: Rinat Halon, All Rights Reserved


I finished the Mcwilliams family portrait in 5 minutes. Really, I was done. That’s what happens when sweet 20 months old Declan could not stop smiling and laughing. We got THE shot in the first 5 minutes of the shoot. After that we were just playing. 





All Declan wanted to do was laugh – and walk. So we let him do his thing. I like to pose my clients around the situation unfolding, so I asked Anna & Brendan to walk behind Declan as he was racing towards my assistant Courtney who functioned as the safety gate


Then we came across the pink bunny. And sweet Declan did what was natural for him to do – he stopped and hugged the bunny.



To finish this shoot off, I asked Anna & Brendan to swing Declan towards me. As I suspected Declan loved it, and we got this fun family shots. I captured Anna & Brendan’s wedding 10 years ago, but these were the first family photos they got with Declan, and it was important to me that these shots would be memorable ones, and was so glad to know we nailed this shoot. I absolutely LOVE that my clients come to me to capture all their life events, and so humbled to be their Forever Photographer. Enjoy your beautiful family Anna & Brendan, so happy to be on the other side of the camera for yet another happy moment in your life!




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One of the questions I get asked a lot is what do you do when a child doesn’t want to have their picture taken? As you can imagine that happened to me more than once or twice in the past 17 years. It happened again this past weekend when two and a half year old Adair was not feeling well on the day of her family portrait session. I assured the family we will get the photos, and got to clicking away. I always say the child’s attention span lasts as long as their height, but when a child is not feeling well the window of opportunity is even smaller. So we started with the most important photo – in this case, the family portrait.


As soon as I saw we were losing Adair’s attention I asked her older sister, four and a half-year-old Marlow to give her baby sister a hug. That worked, we got some great shots, and the added benefit was that everyone ended up receiving a hug from these two sweeties, including grandma Maureen.


In a situation like this, I find that the best thing to do is capture fun, interactive moments of the family, to distract the child from the fact they are, indeed, in the midst of a photo session




The results are fun filled lifestyle family portraits of a happy loving family – and even Lizzie the dog gave us a smile!


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October 31, 2016 in Athletes, High School Senior

What I enjoy the most about being hired to shoot a job for a magazine is when the editor trusts me enough to give me creative freedom. As it was on this photo shoot for the Orlando Family Magazine, Nate, the editor’s hiring instructions were: I trust you, do your thing.

So I did. 11 portraits of up and coming high school athletes. All are top in their field. All are dedicated to their demanding training routine. All are passionate about their sport.

And that’s what I wanted to show in the portrait. This was not about “a kid holding a ball” – I wanted to show what their sport meant to them, and where their personality met their passion.

It was interesting to see how shy these successful young adults were. Getting them out of their shell, creating trust, and seeing them allowing their personality to shine – all in an hour – mission accomplished! Here are some of my personal favorites from this photo session:






And here is the Orlando Family Magazine finished article as published


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