Photo Talks


Rinat Halon has been photographing professionally for the past 17 years. She was the in-house photographer for the Walt Disney Imagineers in Orlando, Florida. Before moving back to Orlando, Rinat lived in Tel Aviv, Israel and Moscow, Russia for 5 years. She specializes in creating personalized image banks for companies through the process of photography communication. She received “Superior Artist” award in Israel and five of her photographs were chosen to be part of the Israeli government permanent collection.

Her work appeared in magazines in Israel and Moscow, as well as the US. Rinat teaches photography and leads photo tours. The exciting news is that Rinat decided to share her professional image bank through lectures. With presentation of her photos, Rinat tells the stories she experienced worldwide. Utilizing her childhood experience as a professional actress and singer, Rinat combines her stage presence with breathtaking pictures – creating an overall fun, fulfilling, pleasurable experience.

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** Lectures Outline:**

  1. "Other Peoples Weddings" Stories of weddings Rinat photographed in the past 17 years. The different and unique international customs and ceremonies she encountered, as well as, the heartwarming personal stories behind this big day. Great for a bachelorette party!

  2. “In Print“ International photographer Rinat Halon will be sharing the stories behind the photos for magazine editorials, lifestyle and fashion she photographed worldwide in the past 17 years. From a photo article about the Ohio State Buckeyes for the Israeli National Geographic, to photographing hair style fashion in the basement of the Kremlin in Moscow - and all the magazine covers in between. Come hear and see her incredible behind the camera experiences.

  3. "Jewish Identity Through the Camera Lens" In this lecture Rinat shares her personal identity journey, as she faced it, while photographing different religions for many years. These experiences helped her shape her own unique Jewish and Israeli – American identity. (Fit for young adults)

  4. "Corporation Creativeness" This lecture encourages renewing creativity in the workplace. Rinat shares what she learned about developing creative thinking throughout her career, including her position as a Walt Disney Imagineer, and how creativeness can benefit any job. (Inspirational talk for corporate events)

  5. "The Photograph as a Reflection of Life“ The importance of photography in our everyday lives. How a photograph tells our story, and can give us a different perspective, as it reflects us and the people in our lives. Most Popular! Great for any event!

  6. “First Time in Russia” Rinat shares her point of view on the Russian culture and everyday life in Moscow after living there for over two years. This lecture is based on her successful photography exhibit “First Time in Russia” , which was invited to show in Israel at three different locations. (Anyone who wanted to travel to Russia – this is for you)

  7. “Now and Then” – Rinat takes us through her childhood streets of Tel Aviv, as she brings together the history of this city through photos of the famous photographer, Rudi Weissenstein, intertwined with the photos she took while living there as an adult. Telling the story of this remarkable city that erected from the sand, Rinat pays tribute to the Tel-Aviv that is so near and dear to her heart. (Great for history buffs and Israel lovers)

  8. “The Essence of Barcelona” – This vibrant city’s everyday life reflects through Rinat’s photographs. Barcelona which was designed by the brilliant Gaudi has unconventional architecture and beautiful streets. It is where Dali and Picasso lived and worked, and nearby the port Columbus left from to discover America. Come learn about the magic of Barcelona.