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Watch Rinat speak - Creating Your Image Online Webinar

Session #1

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - how to attract attention, shares, and likes to your social networks *Getting the Best Click *

Getting the best shot is HARD. Visual marketing reigns supreme, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to rise above the noise in the online marketing and social media space.

But if you’re ready to see results, then world-renowned photographer, author, and photo marketing strategist, Rinat Halon, is here to help. With years of experience as her guide, Rinat will share tactics on using your smartphone or professional camera to effectively build the visual marketing for your newly-defined target audience across your social networks.

In this 90-minute session, learn how to:

-Capture your ideal profile image -Define your brand personality (and reflect it in your photos) -Identify the best type of client for your company -Create a consistent brand image across your platforms
-Gain strategic insights on staging your photos for maximum marketability -Take photos that will help you develop shelved imagery for ongoing marketing efforts

Session #2

Don’t Get Stuck On Stock Get On Point with Your Online Marketing - building your content arsenal for internet domination

Stock photos are a dime a dozen - but your company isn’t.

So, how do you tell your story in a unique way - while still giving your photo/visual content the longest shelf life possible - all without you looking boring or repetitive?

In this 60-minute session, international photographer, author, and photo marketing strategist, Rinat Halon, takes attendees on an informative overview of how to differentiate your brand and create an amazing library of images for your company’s marketing efforts. Learn how to create a consistent brand story, understand the importance of protecting your imagery and assets, and learn how to build and capture your brand’s story effectively.

In this session, you will learn: * Why you need a customized reserve of branded photos for your business (and how to build one according to each platform) * How to protect your photos with your digital signature and copyrights * Pitfalls of copying and pasting images from online * How to control your brand’s narrative, and how to communicate your brand’s story through photographs

Session #3: KEYNOTE TALK

What NOT to Photograph Clicking Your Life Away - how to balance your life on both sides of the camera lens.

When are enough pictures truly ‘enough’ on your social media feed? When is it time to put the camera down, and stop clicking your life away?

In today’s age of constant photography, we are all so busy living behind the camera, we’ve forgotten how to step away and live in the ‘now’. Life experiences now require validation through shared social media updates. The constant bombardment of photo content has created a flooded market of visual white noise.

In this 45-minute keynote talk, Rinat Halon - international photographer, author, and photo marketing strategist - discusses the evolution of photography, and what it means for us today. Join Rinat in a thoughtful review of how photos are taking over the digital landscape and reshaping our everyday lives - and how you can balance your life from both sides of the camera lens.

Learn how to adjust your perspective to quickly see the light, take one shot, move on, and actually enjoy the rest of the day. Understand how to create quality content so that you aren’t hampered by a need for quantity. Rinat shares this - and more - in this keynote discussion, including a comprehensive recap and her top 5 immediately actionable tips for a quality click.

In this keynote presentation, find answers to the questions that we’re all asking: -How can we avoid falling victim to digital photography overload? -What is worth photographing, and what isn’t? -How do we rise above the ever-growing digital noise?


Rinat Halon’s professional career started at 16, when she became a child actress-singer on a hit Israeli television show. At 18, she joined the Israeli military and served for two years after passing the competitive auditions to serve in the USO branch as an entertainer.

She graduated from Ohio State University with a personalized honors degree (BS) in Photography and Visual Merchandising. For her degree, Rinat researched and wrote a thesis about the influence of photography on purchasing behavior.

Rinat’s photography career spans the globe, including portraits of high-ranking government officials, celebrities, weddings, the culinary industry, high fashion, jewelry, architecture and more. Her photographs have appeared in magazines and exhibits internationally, and five of her photographs were chosen to be part of the permanent collection of the Israeli congress.

Today, Rinat is a Photo Marketing Strategist, primarily helping small businesses bring their messages to markets via ‘branded photographs’: Rinat’s innovative concept and creative process (The Marketing Mastery System) that she created from her experience as the Walt Disney Imagineers In-House Photographer & Visual Communication Specialist. Rinat enjoys photographing weddings as well as studio portraits, and she teaches photography at Orlando’s Rollins College for Lifelong Learning. Rinat is the author of the instructional photography book “What’s Wrong with My Camera?” available now on Amazon. She is currently working on her next book - “What’s Wrong with My Camera NOW?”.